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1) Program change id webcam is updated to version 7.1;

2) In version 5.2 bug fixes for Windows 8,Windows 8.1;

3) Now the program works on all browsers:Opera 22.0,Mozilla Firefox 30,Google Chrome,Internet Explorer,Yandex Browser;

4) Now the program changes the id name of the webcam in just 40 seconds.

5) Added Virtual button Itself - she needed to hide ManyCam virtual camera in the chat

6) Added button Mozilla Firefox,Opera,Google Chrome,Explorer,Yandex - is it necessary to mess up the settings of all browsers-for example, if You have 2 browser Opera and Google chrome, You do not want to configure the Opera browser messed up,and want to sit in chat using Google chrome,then press the button with the picture of Google chrome and after the program manually, run the browser Google chrome if Google chrome browser will prompt you to restore your browser settings,do NOT restore!!!,when running the setup of Opera browser will not go astray!

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