Main page of site. Program to change ID of web camera.

Installing software

The program does not require any installation. Your computer must be installed with the newest NET Framework from to work.

Change MAC addresses of network cards

The program changes MAC address of your network card, wired and wireless Internet

Program to change id webcam

The program removes the ban in the most popular video chats in the world (ome TV, chat alternative, chat random, omegle, Chatroulette )

Bypass registration Video chat ome TV

You can bypass registration through our unique VIP proxies, or through new non-banned social network accounts. Buy cheaply you can use social network accounts or vip proxies only if you have the full version of the program Changer name web cameras

How it works
Program has been updated to version 9.4.4. Update 3.06.2021

How to remove the ban in chat roulette for free and without payment: you can remove the ban on your computer in the video chat roulette using the program Changer name web cameras. Many video chats in the world generate a unique id key based on computer data received from a web browser and the generated id prohibits access to the video chat. After changing the webcam id, the id key will change and the video chat will skip the changed computer id. How does the program work? The program works completely automatically, after unpacking the archive with the program, to run the program, you need to make sure that you have the program installed on your computer NET Framework from microsoft version 4.0 or higher, next, run the program Changer name webcameras.exe, click on the button to change the id of a web camera, next, the program itself closes all open browsers (Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex browser.), changes the webcam id, cleans the browser history, launches the default browser on your computer and enters the video chat. The program changes the webcam id an unlimited number of times in just 40 seconds. Free trial version of the program removes 1 time free screenshot of the ban only on the computer, as in the trial version of the program, some functionality is limited. Limited: (Full and detailed instructions for using the full version of the program, tips for using video chat, programs and virtual webcams, technical support, functions: Virtual Cam Detected, ManyCam Detected, OBS Detected, WebcamMax Detected, SplitCam Detected, the choice of browser, buying cheap social media accounts, VIP proxy to bypass registration and other functions...) Go to activate the full version of the program

terms of use

This software is shareware and is provided As is (AsIs), i.e., without any guarantees that it will work and/or maintenance on the program. We will only change the program with the purpose to make the program more reliable, productive and easy to use. The program does not contain and will never contain any hidden or potentially dangerous features. The program is designed to be used exclusively for training purposes.