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A unique program for removing the ban in the network of popular video chats roulette ome tv, chat alternative, chatroulette, random chat, omegle and so on , changes to the webcam name id and a virtual webcam, hiding in the video chat program ManyCam, OBS, WebcamMax, SplitCam, removing a shadow ban, auto-entry through video chat accounts, changing the MAC address of the computer's network card.
The program was created on August 17, 2014.

Version: 9.5.5

Powered by OS: Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Browsers: Browser Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser

Functionality of program:

name changer web cameras

Program to remove ban in chat alternative

How the program works Changer name web cameras?

How to remove a ban in chat roulette for free and without payment: you can remove the ban on the computer in the roulette video chat using the program for Changer name web cameras. Many video chats of the world generate a unique id the key is based on computer data received from a web browser and according to the formed id disables access to video chat. After changing the webcam id, id the key will change and the video chat skips the changed one id computer. How the program works? The program works completely automatically, after unpacking the archive with the program, to run the program, you need to make sure, that you have a program installed on your computer NET Framework from microsoft version 4.7.2 or higher and Internet Explorer browser version 11 and higher, next, run the program Changer name webcameras.exe, click on the change webcam id button, then the program closes all open browsers by itself (Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex browser.), changes the webcam id, cleans all browser data (Attention! save important data, which   are in your browsers, if there are any before using the program), next, it launches the default browser on your computer and enters the video chat. The program changes the webcam id an unlimited number of times in just 40 seconds.

The trial free version of the program removes 1 free screenshot of the ban only on the computer, since in the trial version of the program some functionality is limited.

Features of the full version of the program: (Full and fast VIP access to video chat within one minute, Bypass  shadow ban, the ability to broadcast video from a virtual webcam to a video chat (ManyCam, OBS, WebcamMax, SplitCam), deleting a screenshot of a ban from a computer, the button for selecting one of the browsers to remove bans and log in to the video chat through accounts, full and detailed instructions for using the full version of the program, tips for using video chat, technical support on request with the possibility of remote assistance through the program AnyDesk.

         Cheap purchase of social network accounts for auto-entry into video chat or VIP proxy to work in tandem with accounts. Accounts or VIP proxies can be purchased only if the full version of the program is available. To prevent the blocking of the social network profile by spam protection, accounts will be added to the program itself, which gives a 100 percent guarantee, that all accounts will be working and social network protection will not block accounts. In terms of price and quality, we have the cheapest accounts.

        Another important advantage of the program and auto-entry into the video chat after removing the ban, you will be given a video chat with the maximum number of women for as long as the video chat random algorithm allows. 

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Bypass chat registration Alternative

Registration in the video chat Alternative

How to bypass registration in video chat Alternative?

Since 2020, after the update of video chats roulette, registration via social networks vkontakte and facebook has appeared. For violating the rules of video chat, the user is now given a double ban, by computer data and by social media API id. You can't remove the ban on your social media account, since the ban is linked to the API id account number. After deleting the screenshot of the ban on the computer in the video chat through the program Changer name web cameras a window appears with registration via social networks Vkontakte or Facebook. Further in the full version of the program to change the webcam id, you can cheaply  activate the auto-login function in the video chat via accounts, as well as VIP proxy to work in tandem with auto-login accounts.  Attention! when using a proxy or VPN, registration at the moment on 27.07.2022 can no longer be bypassed, full registration has been entered in the video chat, it is impossible to enter the video chat without logging in through accounts.

Black Screen in video chat - Shadow ban

Black screen in chat alternative

Why don't my interlocutors see me in the video chat?

The first reason why you may not be seen in the chat, but there is a black screen in the place of your image: Check if you have blocked access to devices in the browser, click the lock icon in the browser address bar, then click the allow access to camera and microphone button there, then reload the video chat page. The second reason, maybe the antivirus is blocking the webcam and microphone, you need to allow access to devices in the antivirus settings. The third reason, maybe some extension blocks access to devices, try disabling browser extensions. The fourth reason why you see yourself in a video chat, and the interlocutors instead of your image see a black screen with the inscription (You have banned access to your devices. Your interlocutors will not be able to see and hear you.): perhaps you tried to bypass the chat protection by performing certain manipulations with the computer that could lead to blocking your image.The fifth reason is a Shadow ban, you used virtual webcams, broadcasting an extraneous image, or conducted political streams on Youtube, and now there may be other reasons for a shadow ban. The administrators of the video chat banned you in this way for a certain violation and now your video is not seen by the interlocutors. Watch the video lesson on how to remove the shadow ban, click the watch video lesson button. To fix the computer settings in order to be seen in the chat, you can use programs Changer name web cameras. For more information about frequently asked questions, you can read here

Hide Manycam Program

Users are not allowed to use program ManyCam

Users of chat are not allowed to use ManyCam

Video chat users are not allowed to use virtual webcams ManyCam, OBS, WebcamMax, SplitCam. If you don't want to delete the program ManyCam, OBS, WebcamMax, SplitCam from the computer, then using the program Changer name web camerasyou can hide the video chat program by clicking on the Virtaul Cam Detected button and after just 20 seconds, the program will hide the program on the computer ManyCam, OBS, WebcamMax, SplitCam. Important!!! The ManyCam Detected function works on the program version ManyCam from version 4.0 and above. On our website you can download the 4.0 version for free ManyCam with the ability to disable the logo for free ManyCam when broadcasting a video in a video chat. In future versions of the ManyCam webcam emulator program, you cannot disable the logo for free. Download for free ManyCam 4.0
For using virtual webcams, video chat roulette gives a ban automatically, there will be either a screenshot of the ban in the chat with an indication of the reason for the ban: ( Ban for an extraneous image), or you will be turned off video and audio devices, you will see your video in a video chat, and users will be shown a message on a black screen background (You have banned access to your devices. Your interlocutors will not be able to see and hear you.) To remove the ban in the roulette video chat for using virtual webcams, you need to use the full version of the program Changer name web cameras.

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Saving Browser Settings

Saving Browser Settings

Menu buttons for browser selection for visiting chat

Preferred Browser selection for visiting video chat sites Click on browser selection button, then select your preferred browser for video chat, this will then clean browser of unneeded data and change the unique computer settings for this browser. No other browsers will be affected unless chosen.Manual

Change MAC address of network card

Learn and change your MAC address

Find and change your MAC address of network card:

1) In order to find out your Mac address of network card, run Changer name web cameras program, then click change Mac button and a window with adapter selection will appear, each adapter has its own Mac address; 

2) If you need to change Mac address of network card, select desired adapter and enter a new Mac in line (12 characters). Example of entering a new Mac address (C8FF286C000D); 

3) After about 30 seconds, MAC address will be changed, and network adapter will automatically reboot. Do not change Mac address without need, and if you still decide to change Mac, then save your standard Mac, so it was possible to return it back.

Program installation is not required

Program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

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Remove ban chat alternative

If you were banned accidentally, You can remove ban free through program Changer name web cameras

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