Manual on use of program Changer name web cameras   

Program to remove ban in chat alternative

  Changer name web cameras  

1.Install NET Framework version 4.0 or higher for your windows OS version;

2.For the correct operation of the program itself, be sure to install the browser Internet Explorer 11 versions to avoid errors.

3.Run the program Changer name webcameras.exe double click the left mouse button and click change webcam id (The program does not require installation);

4.All browsers must be closed when the program is running;

5.After changing the webcam id, a form will appear in the video chat with logging in to the video chat via social networks VK and FB;

6.You can buy an additional option to bypass registration only if you have the full version of the program Changer name web cameras.

  Button Virtual Cam Detected - needed to hide virtual webcams ManyCam, OBS, WebcamMax and SplitCam in a video chat  

IM users are not allowed to use program ManyCam

[Users of chat are prohibited from using virtual web camera ManyCam]

  Saving Browser Settings:Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Explorer, Yandex, Microsoft Edge 

Saving Browser Settings

Click on browser selection button, then select browser where you want to visit video chat

click on selected browser, then there will be a change of unique computer settings and cleaning of settings of selected browser,

settings of all other browsers are saved, which makes use of program very convenient.

  Browsers on which program runs. To download a browser click on picture  

  Program Changer name web cameras archived by archiver WinRAR  

  Video №1 Changing the name of the webcam  

  Video №2 Bypass registration in video Chat Alternative  

  Video №3 Hiding the ManyCam program in the chat  

  Video №4 Changing the MAC address of the network card  

  Video №5 To restore the default name for a web camera  

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  Changer name web cameras  

  Feedback form  

Feedback form

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